Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was looking through some pictures this week of when we were visiting our friends Amanda and Lazlo in Budapest and came across a picture of us playing Jenga, and it got me thinking about shapes, and ultimately got me doodling a little jenga-inspired pattern, which was the starting point for this little series.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hibernation hallucinations

I've been hibernating. And perhaps it's my constant craving for warm blankets that has me seeing quilts. A little pattern series inspired by those visions.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Post-sabbatical sabbatical

When I posted back in JULY about keeping my blog going (I'm resisting the urge to use that emoticon with the squiggle for a mouth), I really meant it -- but I clearly have been taking a break. I just don't have nearly the same amount of story-worthy material as when we were jaunting about across the sea... nor the wide open schedule. But I'm here now, and it's in the spirit of my sabbatical that I return -- I'm trying to keep the creative dream alive in my pattern work and I wanted to post some. Strange how things just kind of feel more real when you put them out into the world.

The other creative outlets I've been a little too motivated to work on are cooking and baking. Yikes. I've been embracing the world of meat and even gone so far as to make my own sausages -- I considered posting pictures but thought the juxtaposition of patterns and pig intestines might be a little off-putting. And who knew I loved baking so much?

I think about Berlin every single day. We were so free! But, next month we'll be heading off for two weeks to France to satiate our hunger for travel... It won't be a full meal, it will just be a nibble, but hopefully it's enough to sustain us until we can jet off for another sabbatical. Fingers crossed.

Et voila, here are some of my patterns since the return to Toronto…