Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Berlin Week Four

A pretty chilled out week here in Berlin. Just sticking to our neighbourhood, going to the park, bike riding, reading, doodling and cooking. It's kind of unreal and I feel pretty spoiled. Been taking it easy in preparation for Michael and Patrick coming this weekend!!!! Will be really nice to see some more familiar faces that I love.

I went for a long walk to rediscover our neighbourhood -- because it's become such a part of our every day that I barely even see it anymore. So I went out walking, with an emphasis on keeping my eyes wide open and my mind alert so that I could see everything fully and was happy with what I saw. What a great neighbourhood.

So many architectural details that you could totally take for granted because they're just what surrounds you. One of the best things about Berlin are the alleys. Walking down the street, a door will be open, leading to a courtyard behind the street facades, and if you follow the passageway you can see some beautiful things. Also, totally love all the colourful schools... you just look at them and feel like they're encouraging kids to be creative inside. Such a nice thing.

There is also a ton of street art in Berlin... I love to see a city painted in colour so I think it's great.

Had a fun week of cooking. Man it's nice to not be working so much! I made homemade pierogies! And eggplant parmesan! And lemon cake with creamcheese frosting!

We got our bikes going this week and I love my bike more and more. Wish I could bring it home with me. Our friend Vanessa has been here visiting so we've been out a few times trying some news bars in new neighbourhoods like Trinkteufel (drink devil, kind of a cheesy punk bar with skulls everywhere) and Z bar, a bar that actually has a theatre in it that plays cult classics and is free, so you can grab a drink and watch a movie. Been partaking the delicious Pastis that is so much more common in europe than at home, and what a nice little ritual to get a glass with the anise-flavoured liquor, and a carafe to add as much water as you like. My new drink of choice.

Been working on more personal work and have been posting it so I can see the big picture of what I've been doing. It's here if anyone is interested!

We booked train tickets to go to Prague and Budapest which is SUPER exciting. My friend Amanda has graciously accepted to have us stay with her in Budapest which is awesome.

So yeah, a pretty chilled out week with not a ton to report, but all is well over here.

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  1. This is great Colleen! You should totally go on a 'street art' mission. Berlin is known for its' street art.

    When we were there a few years back we ended up in a 'squatter house/gallery'... its basically a 4 story live-in gallery space... and then had a few beers here - it was great fun! There is also a bar at the top floor with no windows (if its still there of course) this was in 2005...

    You're in my dream city, going on my dream vaca (Prague). Nice work!

    Lovin' your patterns too, girl... I see freedom!


    Say hi to Dave.

  2. By "no windows"... I mean its like a big brick balcony *not a boxes in space. Really wild stuff.

  3. Aw thanks Nina! We have totally been to that place you mentioned, the Tascheles squat! Sadly, it's going to be no more very soon, apparently it's going on the market soon after many years of them fighting to keep it as a squat. Thanks for all your nice words!! :)

  4. PS - Nina, Dave says hi!!
    PPS - Another sad bit about that place -- I hope I'm not raining on your Berlin parade of favourite memories here BUT apparently the top floor bar is closed now because a girl jumped off and committed suicide. Apparently there were a bunch of tourists at the bottom and thought it was a performance art piece and started taking photos of it before they realized it was real. So they shut it down. Crazy story huh? But that kind of can't touch what Berlin is all about.

  5. Oh wow... crazy, poor girl.

    I'm glad you made it out before it went down the pooper with the corporate bastards, it really is a cool lil' spot.

    And yeah, its was definitely of a shitshow upstairs the night I was there... oh the memories :) right after that that we took a train into SaalburgBeach for - didn't sleep for 3 days. GOD I MISS GERMANY! lol

    Enjoy enjoy :)