Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Au Revoir Paris, Bonjour Bruxelles :: Saturday March 12

There is something so fresh and exciting about flying by the seat of your pants while traveling. Truthfully, I'm usually more of a planner but it's been a blast making it up as we go. Like Saturday, when we were supposed to go to Brittany to see on of Dave's friends but had our first encounter with the rail system and realized the trains were all full... So a change of plans was required so we looked at a map and decided, what the heck, let's go to Brussels. Why not!

Our Eurail passes found us doing it up first class styles -- free drinks, fancy snacks and red velvet seats -- and Pricelined a hotel for an amazing price and turned up to find we had booked ourselves into a swanky hotel room with a king sized bed. Ballin'!

We took a big jaunt out into the night and headed toward grand place, which is like the old town area of the city. All cobblestone and totally lovely and lively, full of restaurants and bars where we had our first encounter with Moules Frites and naturally sampled a bunch of different Belgian beers. When in Rome. Fun area! And then we weaved our way home through the windy, hilly streets and passed out in our king sized bed.

Man does it help to have a boyfriend who is totally fluent in french! In Belgium they speak French, German and Flemish and lord knows I know none of the above. BUT I'm trying.

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