Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paris :: Friday March 11

We embraced our inner goths (I've learned that's not a far stretch for me) and went to Père Lachaise. Yes, this is the cemetery where Jim Morrison was buried but no, that's not why we went. If anyone ever discourages you from going, do not listen -- it's a must. It was amazing to see. The most elaborate and well-crafted gravestones and monuments. It went on for miles and miles, each grave more elaborate than the next. You really got the sense that these people were being remembered in style, sent off with class, never to be forgotten. Famous artists, intellectuals and generally important (and likely wealthy) people are buried here, including Oscar Wilde whose grave has inspired many a lipstick kiss and angsty teen letter. I was just amazed by this place. I hope my pictures do it some justice!

And we had a did a little photo exploration with some resin & flower plaques there, like this image below... see the set of photos HERE.

When in Paris, try duck confit and try duck confit I did, at the Bistro de Peintres. And it was delicious. Crispy fatty rich and wonderful. No regrets and should it cross my path again and is done well, I will not hesitate to do it again. An exception but not a rule.

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