Wednesday, March 16, 2011

London to Paris :: March 8

Today we ventured from London to Paris, by the Eurostar aka the Chunnel and it was awesome. We left from St. Pancras station which was beautiful and this is just a sample of it, but it was a beautiful train station, as I'm learning is the norm for european train stations. Beautiful.

I swear we went through a tunnel for 10 minutes and boom -- in France. Left on a high note with lunch from M&S -- the british in me can't get enough of Marks & Spencers. BUT also, they just do things right. It's food on the go but it's actually GOOD! And FRESH! And it wasn't like $15 for a salad! A weird concept for my Torontonian brain to understand. Ate lunch on the train as we passed through the british and french countrysides. A good start to Paris.

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