Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally... Berlin bound :: March 15/16

Super, super excited to be on our way to Berlin. We booked a little private room on the night train to Berlin and had more fun than the train sounds like it would be. They had one of those awesome dining cars that looked straight out of the movies. We had a blast and had some wine and ended up experimenting with my camera and getting some funny, creepy and weirdo shots. Including some 'the train is on fire' shots. And then woke up in Berlin.

SO SO SO excited to be here! The apartment we're living in for the next few months is completely amazing, I keep telling Dave to pinch me. Seriously. It's crazy and amazing. Christian, the guy we're doing the house swap in, showed us around today and I already feel right at home. YAY!

:::::::::::::: SEE MY TRAIN PICTURES HERE ::::::::::::::

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