Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brussels Day 2 :: Sunday March 13

Dave tested out his music equipment and blew out the power in 5 floors so we decided maybe we should just nip out for a while so we headed off and found a lovely little Belgian cafe called Le Salon that served us tasty brunch and this piece of delicious chocolat moelleux. The city pretty much shuts down on Sunday but we found some serious gems.

We went to the Horta museum which was just one of the most amazing things my eyes have been dazzled with... The preserved home of Art Nouveau Designer/Architect Victor Horta. Every little thing in that house was thought Bout in detail and with design in mind. Right down to the keyholes in the furniture. The nails that brought two pieces of organically shaped metal railings together. And then there were the things that made the house look as if it were actually a living and breathing thing... The wooden banisters carved into ornate knots. Shelves grew into walls which grew into support beams and ceilings so much so that you forgot it could serve any other purpose than to exist for beauty alone. It was like looking into a forest where everything had coexisted for so long that everything began to morph and grow into each other. It was incredible. And must have cost an absolute fortune. No pictures allowed so I couldn't really capture things properly but I did sneak a few with my phone...

Then we went to a brown bar which is what they call an old bar with lots of dark wood that has retained characteristics of days gone by. And enjoyed some more beer. Rodenbach was my fave from this trip. Rochefort for Dave. Yum. Smoking allowed too... A strange thing to encounter after many years of hanging out in non-smoking bars.

One of the belgian culinary specialties are their frites and even better, is Moules frites (mussels and fries). So we dove in. I researched some spots, and we decided to go all out and sample a few restaurants to see if we could seek out the best. The best we found was at this completely charming place in a more working class neighborhood of Madou, called La Bonne Humeur. The belgian equivalent to a Chippy, it was a charming but no frills little spot that put some serious love into the food. Off the beaten path and well worth it.

Getting soooo much better with my new camera... but photos are still a bit dodgy in spots.

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