Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday March 14 :: On to Amiens

Funny little thing about Brussels -- they play pop music in the subway... it was the Culture Club that bid us adieu as we left this amazing city. I absolutely loved this place, would return in a heartbeat!

Caught the train to Amiens (a super cute place, lots of colourful houses and these crazy knotted wood street art things) where Dave was playing a show at the Grand Wazoo, which was a blast -- the first Merm On'Ry show was totally awesome. Met some new french folks who were the great hosts and we felt right at home. And had enough drinks to agree to have a full french conversation with a super nice girl, and she humoured me even though I doubt I made an ounce of sense.

:::::::::::::: SEE MY BRUSSELS PICTURES HERE ::::::::::::::

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